Short terme program Shaanxi Normal University

1. Program Introduction

Short program are all-year-round available for application. The time period can be from one week to three months, which can be categorized as Language Learning Program, Culture Immersion Program, Topic-based Lectures Program, HSK Training Program and Summer&Winter Camp. Program can be set up if there are more than 10 applicants. Besides the Chinese teaching courses, the short programs would also provide cultural courses like Taichi, calligraphy, Chinese song, folk dance, etc and also the excursions around Xi’an according to students’ individual needs.

2. Application Requirements

  • Only applications as a group like an institute or school can be accepted; individual application will not be accepted.
  • Applicants who aged from 10 to 60 and hold the passport of non-Chinese nationality are qualified for application
  • Chinese Proficiency: No specific requirement, but applicants at the same level should be more than 5 people

3. How to Apply

Online application: The International Student Office of SNNU will provide an account for the organizing part to fill up the application information and upload required documents online at
Documents need to be uploaded are:

  • Applicants passport scanned copy
  • Applicants passport photo

4. Application Time

Available for all year long

5. Program Time

It’s based on the application time. Please refer to the program agreement after application for the exact time.

6. Insurance

Applicants can either purchase international insurance themselves or ask us to purchase relevant short-term insurance for them.

7. Accommodation

Please click and check