Cours de chinois CPF entreprise

Our teaching method to learn Chinese

Our Language Institute offers group lessons in small groups (from 3 to 8 participants of the same level) as well as individual courses or a combination of both (mixed courses) for faster progression and adapted to the needs of the learner. These courses not only focus on Chinese in the workplace but also adapt to your personal needs (Chinese tourism or Chinese business …).

The pedagogical method of our vocational training

Classes with our experienced Chinese teachers; A method based on oral and active participation of students; Courses on various themes depending on student demand (tourism, business world …); An efficient and fast progression to reach the desired language level; Personalized and adapted follow-up A language study trip in China supported by CPF training; Individual, group lessons (between 3 and 8 people) or a combination of both; Distance courses via videoconference or telephone; Flexible hours according to the needs of the student.

Very good Chinese course, I saw my level progress very quickly. Small group classes (3 to 8 people) allow you to participate and improve your oral skills very quickly. In addition, the quality of the teaching is very good, the teachers (Chinese of origin) very patient make us work effectively the pronunciation and the written comprehension.

Johan Fafournoux, student in Chinese class – HSK Exam 2: 151/200

I learn Chinese in this institute with pleasure because the learning is done gradually from various media (book, song, dialogues, ..). In addition being in a small group allows me to listen carefully to other students, to understand the corrections, and to speak regularly to improve the syntax and my accent. Finally the teachers are very educational, which allows me to make rapid progress. I highly recommend this institute.

Nadia Bourchak, student in Chinese class