Diplôme de compétence en Langue DCL

DCL (Diplôme de Compétence en Langue)

DCL is a national professional diploma created only for adults. It enables you to evaluate the language skills that have been accumulated in relation to business field in order to facilitate exchanges in a professional context. According to their results, candidates can receive a diploma with the CECRL mention (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues).

The trainers and examiners of our Institute are all native Chinese speakers.

Content of our DCL preparation courses:

  • Detailed presentation of the DCL
  • Training on 4 skills: oral and written expression and comprehension.
  • Time management and DCL coaching to improve your results
  • DCL mock tests in the examination conditions
  • Analysis & optimization of your working method

The DCL process

During this simulation, you will do a case study: for 2h30, you will play a practical role and will be asked to do various tasks, as in the professional life:

  • read documents
  • listen to audio documents
  • process the information obtained (1h30)
  • transmit information by phone (20 minutes)
  • write his argued conclusions (40 minutes)

Dates                     We have several preparation sessions throughout the year. The time to start DCL Preparation training is usually 5 weeks before the exam date.

Duration                We adapt the duration of the training according to the needs of each learner (free evaluation of your level)

Price                      Contact us to know the rates and financing of our Preparation DCL.