Chinese CPF

With ten years’ experience, Institut Chine Education is an organization, which provides employees, self-employed but also job-seekers with Chinese courses. Of course, our training is offered to anyone who is eligible for Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF, ex-DIF). It is aimed at students who are beginners in Chinese as well as students who have a higher level and who already have good skills in Chinese, and to help them to prepare for examinations such as HSK or DCL.


As part of the CPF Chinese formation, we arrange language study holidays in China. The courses are given in French or in English depending on the student’s first language.
To find out how many hours you have on your CPF account, log on at:


  • Lessons in small groups of 3 to 6 ;
  • Individual and private lessons to achieve rapid improvement and personalized training ;
  • Lessons with the teacher face to face within our premises or at your workplace ;
  • A combination of courses for a faster and personalized improvement ;
  • Distance-learning Chinese courses by correspondence ;
  • Intensive programs with sustaining course rhythms ;
  • Training in preparation for HSK and DCL.


  • Courses with experienced native speaking teachers ;
  • Flexible course schedule ;
  • Fast improvement to reach the level you want to get to quickly ;
  • Lessons are delivered at our premises or at your workplace ;
  • Possibilities to attend distance-learning courses via telephone or videoconference ;
  • Help putting your the CPF file together ;

Business Chinese

This formation will enable you to prepare yourself for job interviews, business
negotiation and any other collaboration with your Chinese partners.

Preparation for expatriation

Our training will also enable you to confidently prepare for a change in
culture and handle daily situations with ease with Chinese.

Chinese for tourism

We offer language instruction specific to the hotel trade and restaurant
industry, this training enables you to know the vocabulary and the customs of
this business sector and industry.

Contact us by e-mail or by phone on 04 72 34 63 53