Institut Chine Education. Apprentissage calligraphie Chinoise

Calligraphy courses

Do you want to learn about Chinese calligraphy or improve your skills if you already have some knowledge in this art?

Then this class is perfect for you !


  • Initiation courses for school classes (…)
  • Calligraphy demonstration for an event (…)
  • Training program for half a day (14-16h), one Saturday by month
  • Training program for a week during school holidays
  • Group courses (1.5 h/week) for the school year
  • Possibility to take a card with 10 courses

You will be taught Chinese brush strokes and basic techniques of calligraphy, while learning about the history of this art with a historic and cultural approach of the discipline.

We will present to you the different methods used in calligraphy, as well as the tools needed for this practice, the four treasures of Chinese scholars:

  • the brush
  • the ink
  • the ink stone
  • the paper


Training program: 100 € a week / 40 € a day / 22 € half a day

Package for the year: 300 € or 10 sessions card 110 €

Initiation courses and demonstration: contact us for a cost estimate.

Mail :

Phone : 04 72 34 63 53